Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Molehill Voxels.

Molehill 2.5D Demo. Voxel Engine.

Here is a technical demo for our upcoming game BunniSocial that may support molehill.

(requires Incubator player

I’ve supplied the source code for people to have a look at and play with. There is probably some useful things there for people making 2D sprite engines.

source: 500k

I’m still having some trouble with sorting and transparent water. I can’t seem to get both to work at the same time. In fact I’m not at all sure how sorting works at all. If anyone can enlighten me?

My first ever blog post. How exciting.


TandemAdam said...

That looks great. Have you thought about putting the engine up on github? I am sure there are a lot of smart programmers out there who would love to add and improve it!

wilson said...

I'm following your blog. Keep posting stuff (:

Durss said...
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Durss said...
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Durss said...


I just wanted to give you a huge thank for sharing your code!
I learnt A LOT by reading it to the deep (shaders were just freaking me out before ^^).

I've been able to modify your code to create a 3D editor for a game ( and i'm quite proud of it given my inexistant knowledge in 3D stuff before reading your code :)
In case you're curious, here is an early version of the work in progress :

So, again, thank you SOOoOOoOooO MUCH! It has been an incredible source of learning for me, and i'm so happy about that! :)

Have a good day!

PS : sorry for the multiple submit of the comment. Had some troubles with the link tags :D